The engine is running and there is definitely someone behind the wheel...

SYORKSpic01When Steve Duff set out on his venture on the 1st October 1999, he was on his own. Well, except for ten motor homes and a name; South Yorkshire Motorhomes.

But by July 2000, South Yorkshire Motor Homes had added a new arm to their business in the form of South Yorkshire Caravans. This was a major step forward for Steve and the team; South Yorkshire Motorhomes and Caravans was born.

The first thing on the agenda was to re-establish South Yorkshire Caravans, as it used to be known, as the best in the business in northern England. In the same month as acquiring South Yorkshire Caravans, South Yorkshire Motorhomes and Caravans soon had a fully equipped service centre and were able to offer their customers a brand new accessories store.

The main area of growth that they are proud of is the expansion of franchises and vehicles. From the mere ten motorhomes they started with, they were soon boasting over 100 caravans and motorhomes. Today, South Yorkshire Motorhomes and Caravans have over 200 new and used Caravans and Motorhomes across their thirteen acre site.


Even ten years ago, South Yorkshire Motorhomes and Caravans were looking towards the future. In 1999 the retail aspect of the internet was just starting to creak into life; they saw their opportunity and pounced. Today, the majority of their customers use their website in some capacity and South Yorkshire Motorhomes and Caravans are proud to flex their online muscle with an ultra-modern website, allowing customers to search through the available vehicles and the finance calculator allows them to see what their potential finance options would be. 

Over the last ten years, much has changed for South Yorkshire Motorhomes and Caravans. They have experienced dramatic growth, gained franchises, staff, customers and friends. One thing, however, hasn’t changed; the desire to provide an excellent service, from start to finish. That is why they are, quite rightly, looking forward to another ten years of trading...

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